UmVirt Linux From Scratch
Free, source code based, transparent & autonomous GNU/Linux distribution


What is it?

Umvirt Linux from Scratch (ULFS) is the solution to build and run open-source based infrasructure in off-line mode.

Other distributions are offer precompiled packages on disk images, ULFS is offer source code packages repository for building them on your hardware from start to finish.

If you want you can check every package and every build script.

Don't be afraid of compilation time. ULFS is support distributed compilation. It's possible to accelerate source package compilation by using other computers CPUs.



Distribution tools code which is not placed in source packages licensed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
Version 3, 29 June 2007

Source packages license information can be found on source packages files & sites.


Current status

Source Package Manager Service


UmVirt Linux From Scratch allow perform automatic packages compilation and installition via packages service.

Assistance Service


Main purpose of "UmVirt LFS Assistant" service is running various comands inside operating system. Commands stored not in application or script file but in remote database.

To compile and install "Midnight Commander" package with all dependances via assistant just type:

chimp install mc

Off-line data directory


Some data is not provided in source packages and located on different Web-sites. This directory contain a small portion of this data.

LFS Auto Builder

Linux From Scratch (LFS) is that book contain instructions to create bootable disk image which can be used as base for custom distributions.

UmVirt LFS Auto Builder allows to automate bootable disk image creation process.





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