UmVirt Linux From Scratch
Free, source code based, transparent & autonomous GNU/Linux distribution


Umvirt Linux from Scratch (ULFS) is utimate solution to build and run autonomous open-source infrasructure.

Key features

Target architectures

ULFS can be used for building disk images for:

By-default gcc is locked to CPU features of building computer. If you wish to use result disk image on other computers or use distributed compilation on computers with diferent set of CPU's features yo have to reduce CPU featurs.

It's possible to pass specific options to gcc compiler also it's posible to build LFS on virtual machine with reduced CPU features.

We recommend to use the qemu64 virtual CPU model for LFS building.

ULFS can be used for building static linked QEMU binary which can be used for chrooting in other architectures.

ULFS can be used for building other operating systems:

ULFS can be used with emulators like QEMU to build and run applications for:

Software packages requirements

In order to get better results software packages must meet a few requirements:
  1. Software package must be delivered as source code
  2. Software package must have ability to build in off-line mode without any downloads.
  3. Software package must be written for recomended compilers.
  4. Software package license must allow redistribution

Compilers requirements

  1. Compiler must be supplied as source code
  2. Compiler must be bootstrapped from GCC compilers
  3. Compiler must support off-line building
  4. No package managers must be used by compiler

Suitable compilers

Compilers for use with cautions. Compromise.

Absolutely unsuitable compilers

Rejected subsystems and packges

Because some packages are used a code which need unsuitable compilers for build they are rejected.

If you want to use them fix their source code or make a fork.


You can build custom base image according to LFS book manualy.

You can install packages in base image according to BLFS book maualy.

ULFS can help you to install packages in base image a little bit faster in off-line (without Internet connection).

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