UmVirt Linux From Scratch
Free, source code based, transparent & autonomous GNU/Linux distribution

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Running costs

We have running costs. We suffer from financial problems.

  1. We have to renew DNS domains.
  2. We have to pay for local Internet access.
  3. We have to rent a physical servers to make our work results available around the world.

Running costs reducing

  1. We using Solar Energy to power our devices.
  2. We refuse formal business registration, licensing & certification in order to reject third-party influence.
  3. We perform cryptocurrency mining.


We can't accept cash and use credit cards like Visa & MasterCard because we act without formal business registration.

Therefore we can accept only cryptocurrencies.

Direct donations

If you wish to keep us runing directly you can donate us some money as many as you wish. We glad to recieve even few cents.

Our adresses:

You can exchange your money to cryptocurency with exchanges. We recomend to use BestChange.Com service to find better exchange rate.

Also you can exchange your time to cryptocurrencies manualy by mining. We recomend to use Monero because it more profitable on CPU or GPU. Other cryptocurrencies minings are need specialized devices (ASIC miners). ULFS is contain xmr-stak package which mine Monero.

Indirect donations

You can support us indirectly by supporting other opensource projects.


If you cant can't make donations but wish to support us you can fork our source code repos.

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