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APP commit: 4e90ba12c410a00b7ff1707c5b124d2e12b0b0dc


LibreOffice is a full-featured office suite. It is largely compatible with Microsoft Office and is descended from

Package info

Codename: libreoffice24
Source file: libreoffice-
Source directory: libreoffice-
Package URL:
Package md5-checksum URL:
Dependances: gettext, libxml2, icu, libxslt, unzip, zip, curl, harfbuzz, llvm, mesa, libepoxy, graphite2, libjpeg-turbo, glu, tiff, gtk3, dbus-glib, desktop-file-utils, OpenLDAP-client, librsvg, gst-plugins-base, libwebp, lcms2, which, nss, boost, poppler, cups, gpgme, python3-lxml, mariadb-client, unixODBC, postgresql-client, perl-Archive-Zip, clucene, glm, libatomic_ops, redland.
Dependance of: *** NO PACKAGES FOUND ***
Patches: *** NO PATCHES FOUND ***
Addons: libreoffice-dictionaries-, libreoffice-help-, libreoffice-translations-, libreoffice-tarballs-
Nestings *** NO NESTINGS FOUND ***
Configuration script:
sed -i '/icuuc \\/a zlib\\' writerperfect/

sed -e /LBCM/d -i i18npool/source/breakiterator/data/line.txt

install -dm755 external/tarballs &&
ln -sv ../../../libreoffice-dictionaries- external/tarballs/ &&
ln -sv ../../../libreoffice-help-         external/tarballs/ &&
ln -sv ../../../libreoffice-translations- external/tarballs/

ln -sv src/libreoffice-help- &&
ln -sv src/libreoffice-dictionaries- &&
ln -sv src/libreoffice-translations-

export LO_PREFIX=/opt/libreoffice-

case $(uname -m) in
   i?86) sed /-Os/d -i solenv/gbuild/platform/ ;;

sed -e "/gzip -f/d"   \
    -e "s|.1.gz|.1|g" \
    -i bin/distro-install-desktop-integration &&

sed -e "/distro-install-file-lists/d" -i &&

./ --prefix=$LO_PREFIX         \
             --sysconfdir=/etc           \
             --with-vendor=BLFS          \
             --with-lang='en-GB ru'      \
             --with-help                 \
             --with-myspell-dicts        \
             --without-junit             \
             --without-system-dicts      \
             --disable-dconf             \
             --disable-odk               \
             --enable-release-build=yes  \
             --enable-python=system      \
             --without-java              \
             --with-system-boost         \
             --with-system-clucene       \
             --with-system-curl          \
             --with-system-epoxy         \
             --with-system-expat         \
             --with-system-glm           \
             --with-system-gpgmepp       \
             --with-system-graphite      \
             --with-system-harfbuzz      \
             --with-system-icu           \
             --with-system-jpeg          \
             --with-system-lcms2         \
             --with-system-libatomic_ops \
             --with-system-libpng        \
             --with-system-libxml        \
             --with-system-nss           \
             --with-system-odbc          \
             --with-system-openldap      \
             --with-system-openssl       \
             --with-system-poppler       \
             --with-system-postgresql    \
             --with-system-redland       \
             --with-system-libtiff       \
             --with-system-libwebp       \
             --with-system-zlib          \

tar -xf ../libreoffice-tarballs-
mv -v libreoffice-tarballs-* external/tarballs

Build script:
make build

Install script:
export LO_PREFIX=/opt/libreoffice-

make distro-pack-install

if [ "\$LO_PREFIX" != "/usr" ]; then

  # This symlink is necessary for the desktop menu entries
  ln -svf \$LO_PREFIX/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice /usr/bin/libreoffice &&

  # Set up a generic location independent of version number
  ln -sfv \$LO_PREFIX /opt/libreoffice

  # Icons
  mkdir -vp /usr/share/pixmaps
  for i in \$LO_PREFIX/share/icons/hicolor/32x32/apps/*; do
    ln -svf \$i /usr/share/pixmaps
  done &&

  # Desktop menu entries
  for i in \$LO_PREFIX/lib/libreoffice/share/xdg/*; do
    ln -svf \$i /usr/share/applications/libreoffice-\$(basename \$i)
  done &&

  # Man pages
  for i in \$LO_PREFIX/share/man/man1/*; do
    ln -svf \$i /usr/share/man/man1/

  unset i