UmVirt Linux From Scratch
Source code based transparent & autonomous GNU/Linux infrastructure


What is it?

Umvirt Linux from Scratch (ULFS) is the complex solution to build and run autonomous open-source infrasructure.

Main components:

  1. ULFSTOOL is the service to install packages in Linux from Scratch (LFS) base image.
  2. ULFSREPO is the sample repository which installs packages via ULFSTOOL.
  3. ULFSVM is the sample QEMU virtual machine (VM) which was built from LFS base image to install packages from ULFSREPO.
  4. ULFSDEMOVM is the ULFSVM tuned to run in Oracle VirtualBox hypervisor.
  5. ULFSPC is the ULFSVM which was installed on real hardware.



Distrib code which is not placed in source packages licensed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE
Version 3, 29 June 2007

Source packages license information can be found on source packages files.


Current status

Solved LFS/BLFS Bugs

We found that Manual source packages compilation which listed LFS/BLFS can lead to errors:

Hardware requirements for compilation:

Source Package Manager Service


UmVirt Linux From Scratch allow perform automatic packages compilation and installition via packages service.

To compile and install "Midnight Commander" package with all dependances from Web-server (On-Line mode) manually type:

wget --no-check-cerificate \ \ -O - | bash

To compile and install "Midnight Commander" package with all dependances from disk (Off-Line mode) prepeare and mount off-line disk then manually type:

cat /mnt/umvirt/packages/0.1/ | bash

Assistance Service


Main purpose of "UmVirt LFS Assistant" service is running various comands inside operating system. Commands stored not in application or script file but in remote database.

To compile and install "Midnight Commander" package with all dependances via assistant just type:

chimp install mc

Off-line data directory


Some data is not provided in source packages and located on different Web-sites. This directory contain a small portion of this data.




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