ULFS Live CD/DVD mastering instructions


LiveCD or LiveDVD is bootable media which can be used to run ULFS without installation. Also LiveDVD can be used to install ULFS on hard disk.

In opposition to other systems where LiveCD/DVD is complete product, ULFS Live CD is produced in customizable environment, mastering virtual machine. You can install various kernels, drivers, packages, add various content and convert mastering VM to your own LiveCD/DVD edition.

cd64 or cd32 are mastering Virtual Machines to generate LiveCD & LiveDVD iso images which can be used in emulators or burned on real media and used on real hardware. 32-bit images can be used on both 32-bit and 64-bit environments. 64-bit images can be used only on 64-bit environments.


We use Linux Live Kit to convert mastering Virtual Machines to Live CD/DVD.

Mastering Virtual Machines are improved versions of init editions of ULFS. They contain updated & patched kernel, additional packages.

This virtual machines is source of LiveCD/DVD files. Almost all data which stored in virtual machine will be copied to image files.

In order to append hardware support by LiveCD/DVD you can configure, patch and install a kernel.

In order to reduce size delete all files in /root /home/user directories.

If you wish to use LiveDVD to install ULFS place build_dir.tar.gz file from desired edition to /install folder.

How to make LiveCD/DVD iso-image file in mastering VMs:

  1. Download cd64 or cd32 disk image and start VM (io: virtio, cpu: 4, ram: 4096).

  2. Login as root (no password).

  3. Go to /.cdbuild/linux-live-cd directory to build livecd or /.cdbuild/linux-live-dvd directory to build livedvd

  4. Run ./build

  5. Go to /tmp

  6. Edit gen_linux_iso.sh change -o /tmp/linux-x86_64.iso to: -o /cd/linux-x86_64.iso

  7. Run ./gen_linux_iso.sh

  8. Check `/cd directory. Iso file should be located in this directory.

Known issues

  1. Changing name value from Linux to other in linux-live configuration file lead to errors.

  2. Changing build directory value in linux-live configuration to ./cd is required if you build distro size more than 1GB. By default building directory located in ramdisk.