UmVirt Linux From Scratch
Source code based transparent & autonomous GNU/Linux infrastructure



ULFSTOOL source code is available on public GitLab repositories:

  1. - ULFS packages service
  2. - ULFS assistance service


ULFSREPO source code is available on public GitLab repository:

Warning: ULFSREPO is sample repository. ULFSREPO is prove that you can use ULFSTOOL to build your own autonomous GNU/Linux-based opensource infrastructure. Here is no warranty and supplied "AS IS". We not liable for any damage caused by using this product. Use it on your own risc.


QEMU virtual machines with VirtIO support. Can be converted to run on other hypervisors and on real hardware.

Available formats:

  1. tar.gz - prebuild archive. Useful for installation on new hard disk partition or LXC-container.
  2. img.gz - archived disk in RAW format. Fixed size disk image without snaphots support.
  3. qcow2.gz - archived disk in QCOW2 format. Non-fixed size disk image with snapshots support.

ULFS64 v.0.1

Main architecture.

ULFS32 v.0.1

Secondary architecture


ULFS Local repository VM


Warning: Demo VMs are outdated. They not suitable for real work or entertainment. This VMs suitable for training purposes. You can convert ULFS VMs to use in VirtualBox manualy if needed.

Local ULFS repository

Local server to install packages without Internet connection.


ULFS64 Mate with aditional pakages.


ULFS64 with vitrualization stack.



Unlike others distros ULFS Live CD/DVD is not complete solution.

Build your own Live CD/DVD with mastering Virtual Machines with your kernel configuration, drivers, packages and data.

By default, ULFS Live CD/DVD objective is to run in QEMU virtual environment. If you wish to run it in real hardware kernel reconfiguration is needed. You can use your own kernel configuration or use configuration from other Linux distro.

Live CD/DVD mastering Virtual Machines:

Sample Live CD/DVD iso-images:

User account:
Login: user
Password: umvirt

Note:You can run ULFS Sample iso-images without installation anonymously and free on temporary virtual machines on UmVirt VPDEMO virtualization node.


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