UmVirt Linux From Scratch
Source code based transparent & autonomous GNU/Linux infrastructure


Umvirt Linux from Scratch (ULFS) is complex solution to build and run autonomous open-source infrasructure.

Main components:

  1. ULFSTOOL is service to install packages in LFS base image.
  2. ULFSREPO is sample repository which installs packages via ULFSTOOL
  3. ULFSVM is sample VM which was built from LFS base image to install packages from ULFSREPO.
  4. ULFSDEMOVM is ULFSVM tuned to run in Oracle VirtualBox.
  5. ULFSPC is ULFSVM which was installed on real hardware.


ULFSTOOL - is tool which run BASH-scripts which stored in ULFS repository (ULFSREPO).

BASH-scripts can be also used to perform package installation.

Example commands:


ULFSREPO is LAMP Web-site which store files and generates HTML pages and BASH-scripts.

ULFSREPO can contain sample data or be clear.

Everybody can build it own ULFSREPO.

Running a command:

  1. ULFSTOOL recieve commands from user or scripts and compose and send request to ULFSREPO
  2. ULFSREPO get requests from ULFSTOOL and send BASH-scripts in response.
  3. ULFSTOOL get response from ULFSREPO and send recieved BASH-scripts to BASH-interpreter
  4. BASH-interpreter perform operations.


ULFSVM is QEMU virtual machine which contain LFS base image and ULFSTOOL.

ULFSVM in opposition to VM which is LFS base image can interact with ULFSREPO.

ULFSVM have multiple varieties:


ULFSDEMOVM is ULFSVM tuned to run in Oracle VirtualBox.

ULFSDEMOVM can be used in introduction purposes for newbies which can use it without installation in Microsoft Windows & Apple MacOS.


ULFSVM can be installed on real hardware. It's difficult but possible.

Better resuts achieved on laptop with AMD Ryzen CPU with VEGA integrated graphics.


You can build custom base image according to LFS book manualy.

You can install packages in base image according to BLFS book maualy.

ULFS can help you to install packages in base image a little bit faster.

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