Nowadays some people have many computers, servers, mining/rendering farms, virtual machines, microcontrollers, "smart" devices and others.

Sometimes they want to get informaion how devices work remotely.

There are many monitoring solutions.

Most of them is require to install monitoring programs also known as agents. This programs is opening ports and wait for incoming connections.

This approach can lead to sophisticated firewall configuration. Also this aproach can't be used to monitor computers beyond a firewall, proxy & NAT.

What is Umvirt Webpulse?

Umvirt Webpulse is simple monitoring solution which allows to monitor systems remotely without firewall configuration. Computers that located beyond firewall, NAT & proxy are also can be monitored.

All is needed is to install Webpulse agent (simple script), task manager (cron or fcron), Python interpretter and few modules (psutil, requests and their dependances).

After installing check that script works correctly, configure task manager. That's all.

How it works?

Webpulse agent is gather system information and send this infrmation to webpulse server. Agent is sends recieced information like a regular browser using HTTP/HTTPS protocols as regular user.

Webpulse server is web-application which recieve information from agents, gather it and generate web-pages for user.

Quick start

  1. Register on this server.
  2. Create "Network" object.
  3. Create "Instances" object in "Network" object.
  4. Install & configure agent according to Instance settings.
  5. Perform manual runing and check that information is recieved.
  6. Configure task manager and check that information is recieved.


Umvirt Webpulse Agent (tar.gz archive for GNU/Linux): Download


GNU/Linux desktop

Android smartphone