Static web-page generation tool



SPage is simply wonderful tool which helps you to create and update static sites.

All you need is GNU/Linux, PHP CLI (Command Line Interpreter), Text editor.


Version 3, 29 June 2007

Static pages

Main difference between static sites and dynamic ones is the ultimate rendering speed. Web-server load pages directly from files no other programs are involved.

Other features of static sites is:

  1. Fast and simple deployment. You can deploy static site in any platform which can run webserver. To offer high availability you can simple run multiple web-servers with one static site without extra componets like caching servers, reverse proxies and others.
  2. Generated pages. In difference among other static sites our site is previously generated. We use template, base pages and building script to perform automatic site generation.
  3. Safety. There is no scripts is used therefore no chance to hackers attacks
  4. Offline mode. You can run static pages offline without Internet Connection

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