UmVirt autobuilds

Popular software mostly distributed in binary form. Binary form is not safe and not flexible like source code packages one.

It's possible to use some popular software in source code packages.

Some source code packages are need their own build environment. It's difficult to use system wide package manager with them.

It's possoble to build source packages on all machines.

It's possible to build difficult source packages on specific machine inside your network and distribute binaries from it to other machines. It's saves times and reduce disk usage.

Autobuilds are source code packages bundles with automated build script which can be used in off-line mode.

Autobuilds is aimed to build inside ULFS other GNU/Linux distributions are also can be used.

Available autobuilds

Wanted autobuilds


If you want you can make your own autobuild bundle.

Contact with us to make link to your autobuild bundle.

Bundle structure

Bundle is archived tar directory with source packages and build script.

Build script is bash file which contain build scenario.