Umvirt is open-source virtualization lab & GNU/Linux distro vendor. Open-source techologies is not just for work or just for fun they are for real life!


Umvirt Certificate Authoruty (CA)* is the autonomous SSL-certificates issuer which protects UmVirt sites. To trust UmVirt sites you should install root certificates from this site.

Umvirt Webpulse is system information aggregation service. Firewall, NAT & proxy friendly.

Umvirt Linux From Scratch (ULFS) is the complex solution to build and run autonomous open-source infrastructure.

Umvirt isolated VPN is experimental isolated virtual network which simulates Intranet. No Internet interaction accessible, only Umvirt sites & services.

Umvirt Community Forum is place for talks.

Umvirt Coins is service to calculate average cryptocurrencies prices. Only popular mineable currencies on list.

Umvirt IP Calc is service for fetching a list of usable network IPv4-addresses for specific IP-address & subnet.

AgentInfo is service that showing client connection & browser information. It's so useful to debugging.

Domainer is Service for checking domain reservation.

Chineese Characters Explorer is Service for studying chinese characters

Emergency Marquee - Emergency scrolling text message generator.

SPage - Static Web-sites generator.

* - As alternative to HTTPS umvirt services can use unencrypted hypertext (HTTP) protocol. Modern browsers are blocks HTTP traffic. To open this links use private (incognito) browser tabs and windows.

Information Web-sites

Umvirt.Org is International information site. (suspended)

Umvirt.Ru is Russian information site. (suspended)

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