Private Virtualization Lab

About us

We are decentralized team of IT-enthusiasts. Our work is researching modern IT-technologies such as virtualization, blockchain, IoT, solar power and others.

Our on-line services represent our researching achievements. You can get access to public services absolutely for free.

Our offerings

  1. Public access on-line services
    1. umVirt.Com CA - Certification Authority. Protecting sites via SSL-certificates.
    2. AgentInfo - Service that showing client connection & browser information. It's so useful to debugging.
    3. Chineese Characters Explorer - Service for studying chinese characters
    4. COINS - Service that showing current prices of cryptocurrencies.
    5. Domainer - Service for checking domain reservation.
    6. URT TDM - "Urban Terror" dedicated game server installed on QEMU virtual machine. Just install the game and connect. Useful for lag measurement with Quake 3 Engine lagometer.
    7. RetroGamer - Free access temporary QEMU Virtual Machine with SPICE additions for remote playing old games that not use 3d-acceleration.
    8. oLive - Free access temporary QEMU Virtual Machine to run and stream live CD/DVD images on laptops, TVs, tablets and smartphones.
    9. - Public IRC Chat.
    10. - Our small demo store.
    11. UmVirt Screen Server - Screen streaming server
    12. Filez - Meta tags based cloud storage.
    13. Umvirt Solar Power Station - Solar power station operational data transfer and consumption control.
    14. Umvirt Linux From Scratch - Experimental educational GNU/Linux virtual machine compiled entirely from source code.
    15. SPage - Static Web-sites generator.
  2. Private access on-line services
    1. - Private XMPP-server allowing our users to exchange short text messages.
    2. - Private VoIP-server allowing our users to perform voice calls.
    3. - Private WebDAV-server allowing storing & sharing data.
  3. Paid content

Keep our public services working

We rent a physical servers in order to host our services. We need money to keep they working.

If you like to use our services please donate us some money as many as you wish.

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